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Agency: Catapult Thinking. Client: Shure

Working with Camera Raw files from the location shoot, as well as some some stock imagery, we edited and composited all images in a 16 page brochure for Shure’s MXW line of enterprise teleconferencing systems.
Product shots required much turning on of lights and cleaning up a myriad of imperfections as the items shot were for the most part just prototypes.
The location was actually on the ground floor and there was way too much light coming through the windows.  The floor was not really carpeted as the client would have preferred. Creating a clean, high tech feel in the rooms and furniture, as well as showing off the products, required close communication with the art director and a heap of attention to detail.
In the end, press-ready PDFs exported from InDesign and corresponding Certified GRACoL proofs were sent off to the print house.